I'm Matthew!
London, United Kingdom

Meet Matthew

I'm a computer science student studying at the University of Southampton who holds a keen interest in web development and programming in general.

In July 2015, I started developing kopstop.co.uk (featured below) and over the past three years this website has become my online playground for practising web development. The latest update hosted on Heroku now includes React, Bootstrap and PostgreSQL. From my academic studies, I also have experience of programming in Java and recently began learning Haskell.

In the future, I hope to pursue other areas, including app development and game development (in which I have a limited knowledge of C# and working with Unity).


An ongoing project...

An ongoing project I first started in July 2015, Kop Stop is an online library of Liverpool Football Club songs and chants. In the last three years, kopstop.co.uk has seen multiple updates, the latest of which saw me transform it into a database-driven React app, with users now able to filter and search through the numerous sets of lyrics.

Named after the famous stand at Liverpool's stadium Anfield, Kop Stop stores over one hundred songs, each of which has a number of associated tags referencing the players, managers and clubs they are inspired by. The lyrics and tags are stored in a PostgreSQL database with the backend being run using Node.js and Express.js. React allows users to seamlessly search and filter through these songs by their tags.

For future updates, I am currently working on including videos on the website of each song and in the long run I would like to transform Kop Stop into a more general fan site, with news articles, forums and other similar features.


Contact me

Want to get in touch?

Then I look forward to hearing from you at hello@matthewocallaghan.uk!