I'm Matthew!
London, United Kingdom

Meet Matthew

I'm a Software Developer at Videoloft where I handle the design, development and testing of the web frontend. In particular, most of my time is spent working on our new React web app, for which you can see a demo here. I also recently started getting involved in our Node.js backend too.

Whilst web development is my biggest passion, I also have experience with game development and released my first mobile game, Experimental Gravity, on iOS in March 2021. Experimental Gravity is a physics-based puzzle game that puts the player in control of gravity. I have completed several projects previously (some of which are described below), but this was my first experience of building a complete product and I thoroughly enjoyed taking it from an idea all the way to market. Whilst the majority of my time was spent developing the game using Unity and C#, this project allowed me to employ and experience a wide range of skills, including designing game art, producing app previews and trailers, and beta testing through Apple's TestFlight.

In 2020, I graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Southampton. My third year university project, Rocket League Analytics, provides in-game analytics, match history, and statistics tracking to Rocket League players, all with only an image of the match scoreboard. This is the biggest personal web project I have undertaken and combines a frontend React app, including Redux and React Router, and backend Node.js server, which uses Google Cloud Vision API and Firebase Authentication amongst other technologies.

From my academic studies, I also have experience of programming in Java and Haskell.

Looking forward, I hope to soon gain more experience working with web backend technologies. I also have a keen interest in entrepreneurship and would like to find an opportunity to combine all these skills and interests in the future.


Some of my personal projects ...

Experimental Gravity

Experimental Gravity is a physics-based puzzle game on iOS that puts the player in control of gravity. What goes up, doesn't have to come down...

Cakes by Katie

Website for a local cake decorator to display her work and acquire new clients.

Rocket League Analytics

Comprised of a frontend React app and backend node server, Rocket League Analytics provides in-game analytics, match history, and statistics tracking for Rocket League players. All the player has to do is submit an image of the in-game scoreboard...


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Then I look forward to hearing from you at hello@matthewocallaghan.uk!